jayde.. vegas. vape queen. vegetarian.(trying to go vegan). a little bit of everything. i don't make sense, and i like it that way.
follow me on instagram @lovely.sinner also i decorate vapor pens, if you want to put an order in email me; 702royaltyy@gmail.com

i try to follow everyone back <3
ask me things, and i'll love you forever.

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What if I told you
You read the first line wrong
And then you reread first the line
But there wasn’t anything wrong
But there was with the third one


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Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. -

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Behind my carefully buttoned collar is my nakedness, the struggle to find clean clothes, food, meaning, and money. Behind sex is rage, behind anger is love, behind this moment is silence, years of silence. -

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ahh yes, my winter coat is coming along nicely *strokes leg hair*

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